Alsun Translation Services has a team of professional interpreters in Cairo of most languages.  We provide high-quality interpretation services for business conferences, meetings, and interviews and for anybody or agency that needs to communicate with a foreigner. Our highly professional and qualified interpreters are ready to provide you with reliable cost-effective services; well-dressed, well-mannered, cultured, sociable and fluent to act as your representative

Our competitive advantages:

  • Highest standards of confidentiality
  • Neutrality, regardless any personal or religious beliefs
  • Deep knowledge and background
  • Excellent appearance and fluency
  • Availability of interpreting equipment
  • Authentication of foreigners’ marriage and contracts
  • Possibility of traveling to place of conference

We interpret:

  • International business conferences
  • Business negotiations
  • Scientific seminars
  • Technical meetings
  • Commercial conventions
  • Escorting businessmen and tourists
  • Telephone conferencing
  • Conferences & Meetings
  • Special events
  • Exhibitions